Enter a sanctuary of luxury & calm where time stands still and the air is filled with a sense of serenity. This beautiful retreat is reminiscent of a palace garden. It invites you to leave the daily routine behind and immerse yourself in the opulence of nature.

The Cuprum Collection from Royal Botania is designed to realize this vision and imbue your garden with boundless elegance and sophistication.

Lift your spirits in your luxurious garden paradise

The key to its appeal lies at the heart of this enchanting oasis: the Cuprum Collection. Exquisite planters, manufactured with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Cuprum evokes the spirit of a luxurious garden paradise. Available in three stunning finishes: weathered brass, golden brass and a range of vibrant polyester colors.

The weathered brass finish hints at antiquity and subtle elegance. The golden brass finish, on the other hand, conveys warmth and opulence. If you are after a glossier, more playful atmosphere, then the polyester colors offer a vibrant and versatile alternative.

Embrace the art of transformation

Cuprum planters from Royal Botania are not just aesthetically enchanting. They also provide you with a unique opportunity to transform your garden into a dynamic sanctuary. You can mix and match using their different sizes. Rearrange the planters according to your mood or the season. This flexibility enables you to constantly breathe new life into your outdoor space. Cuprum continues to surprise in this way, day after day.

Moreover, Cuprum exists in different sizes. This makes you the architect of your own vision. Whether you choose the smaller options, ideal for flowers or shrubs, the medium-sized version, which can accommodate a lush flowering shrub, or you go for a statement piece and plant a tree in the largest Cuprum from the range, the choice is yours. But no matter what you choose: your outdoor space becomes a living work of art, constantly evolving and adapting to your wishes.

Enjoy peace & splendor in your sanctuary

While you lose yourself in the peace and splendor of your luxurious garden paradise, the Cuprum Collection serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and refinement with which Royal Botania imbues your outdoor space.There is no better time than now to take your garden to the next level and create the oasis of your dreams.

Discover the essence of luxury and transform your garden with the Cuprum Collection. Don’t wait any longer; your personal sanctuary awaits you. Discover the collection and bring an enchanting oasis to life.