Organic outdoor living: natural encounters

Now we are living indoors almost constantly, our craving for nature is growing apace. That is why, this year, both our interior and outdoor spaces are being dominated by organic forms with natural roots. Many designers are welcoming smooth contours with open arms, and we are transforming these into organic outdoor living this summer. Inspired by the richness of the natural world, Royal Botania offers you a foretaste of the flowing lines, natural materials and pure, true-to-nature shades that will enliven your summer months.

Spontaneous forms and conversations

Organic furniture means curved and rounded shapes, an undulating play of lines and a deliciously soft, congenial undertone. Many designers have drawn inspiration from the richness and beauty of the natural world and the purity of Mother Earth. Royal Botania creator and designer Kris Van Puyvelde appreciates and has tapped into the myriad natural shapes that surround us. The modular Organix Collection with its lounge elements and circular daybed is a faithful translation of this and helps to shape organic outdoor living. Organix is effortlessly at home in a natural or architectural setting. With its flowing lines, not only does it look highly inviting, but its curves automatically create configurations that draw people together and stimulate conversation.

Forms that embrace you

Organic forms are one thing, but ‘the clothes make the man’, so the materials that cloak them are equally important. Rich natural materials such as cotton and velvet add emphasis to the design, running right through to the decorative accessories such as the cushions. With the Organix collection, the symbiosis between the materials and shapes create comfortable pieces of furniture that are a literal embodiment of organic outdoor living.

In the same vein, designer Kris Van Puyvelde has created a series of side tables whose dynamism fully embraces Organix’s warm vibe. There is no clash of angular shapes, but an organic unity that follows the forms of the sofas. Thus, the organic outdoor living concept is not only encapsulated by the seating, but also in the small details. A sustainable and hardwearing full-ceramic material has been chosen for the Organix tabletops, once again chiming with our primal instinct to embrace nature.

True-to-nature shades

Organic outdoor living prioritises undulating forms and the perfect finish, but the overall effect should be relaxed. That’s why organic outdoor furniture is styled in harmonious natural shades—think beige, cream, grey, rust brown or hues of green. In short, Mother Nature’s palette offers us the perfect balance between colour and calm. You’ll find these pristine tones, from gracious green to deep red, in Organix’s range of 70 possible colour and texture combinations.

Products used in this inspiration: