Dark grey and bold black provide the perfect backdrop to allow the vibrant hues of green leaves and foliage to explode in a celebration of colour. Lush, overflowing ivy. Deep emerald evergreens. Sharp blades of bright green grass. Groundcover of soft clover. Inspired by nature and the veins of a leaf, Royal Botania set the bar with its FOLIA chair.

Striking yet simple, this distinctive chair is characterised by a contemporary elegance. The frame, made from thin stainless steel, is offered in white, anthracite and bronze powder coat finish, plus several nature-inspired pastel colours: olive green, sky blue and mushroom.

Attractive, comfortable and authentic, the FOLIA chair also has slightly lower, wider relax chair, rocking chair, and a footrest. All of the items in this range require top level craftsmanship to create. The ergonomic chairs placed around a dining table invite you to settle in. The cosy lounge chairs paired on a patio offer an opportunity for intimate conversation. A rocking chair and footrest in a quiet corner provides the ultimate relaxation. The Folio chairs work in every setting, invoking nature and light with its open, leaf like design.

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