Your backyard is your retreat, a way of indulging in beauty and comfort simultaneously. This is a space for stunning design, supreme luxury and unending comfort. There is no need to sacrifice good looks for a comfortable lounge. Royal Botania has furniture that is timeless, with classic colours and lines that look good on every terrace.

Teak is the standard by which all other outdoor furniture pales in comparison. The good-looking CALYPSO chair with teak frame has a detachable backrest allowing for either compact storage or cleaning. The upholstered covers come in over 70 choices of fabrics ensuring a colour palette that will perfectly suit your backyard vision.

These chairs pair well with the U-NITE table collection. This dining table, available in five rectangular sizes and a new round one, consists of a teak or powder-coated aluminium frame and a ceramic table top. From certain positions, the thin and elegant frame give the illusion the table top is floating. The modern design coupled with the warmth of ceramics make of the U-NITE table the perfect eye-catcher for your terrace or garden.

Furniture earns its accolades when it’s able to do more than what meets the eye. The TONO poof, available in two sizes, and great to use as either a seat or footrest, dries quickly and can be used for storage. With any textile in the Royal Botania fabric collection, the TONO easily compliments your outdoor décor while hiding clutter.

The TONO, CALYPSO and TONO are all practical yet stylish, combining utility and common sense with luxury and quality design. By incorporating a huge swathe of colour and texture options, Royal Botania ensures outdoor furniture that is personalised and timeless.

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