The new luxury: sustainability & craftsmanship

A piece of furniture that lasts for decades often has a whole host of stories to tell. But it’s not only antiques that grow in value when accompanied by a good story. That’s why since its conception, Royal Botania has added extra dimensions to its ‘Indulge in finesse’ maxim for its outdoor pieces, namely sustainability and craftsmanship. This means you can treat yourself not only to some luxurious and refined furniture, but also to the start of a luxurious narrative.

Fairly made furniture lies at the heart of what we do

Doing business in a way that ensures fairness and dignity is an absolute must in 2021. To guarantee exquisite products, and retain control of each individual step of the production process and of working conditions, Royal Botania decided to set up its own production facility in Thailand in 2002. Some 400 staff ensure that each and every piece of furniture that leaves the factory is worthy of the Royal Botania name.

On its 13,000 m² site, the Belgian label not only guarantees that its staff (including welders, weavers, grinders, technicians and quality controllers) have a healthy working environment and meals, but also provides them and their families with free housing on the production site itself. Healthcare, English lessons, sporting activities and a kindergarten ensure that the Thai Royal Botania team is a contented community. The label also believes that people need to feel valued in order to work in a motivated and focused way.



Wood with a soul

Sustainability is not only about the production process, but also about the materials. Wood is often inaccurately associated with deforestation and therefore labelled as ‘not environmentally friendly’. But thanks to its high stability, weather-resistance and attractive colour and texture, teak – as one of the noblest varieties of wood – is in fact an incredibly durable and hardwearing material to use. To ensure that this user-friendliness and growing process are aligned in a single, green trajectory, the Royal Botania team guarantees that its teak is fully traceable.

Moreover, in 2011 we set up the Green Forest Plantation Co-op: a plantation of around 200 hectares where more than 250,000 teak trees were planted between 2011 and 2014. With this, Royal Botania is giving back to nature double the amount that it will ever take for its production. Consequently, this natural treasure will be there for future generations to enjoy.

Pure craftsmanship

Royal Botania not only stands head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of sustainability, but also when it comes to craftsmanship – as demonstrated by the international acclaim that the company has enjoyed. In 2020, its Palma umbrella won the Red Dot Award, a renowned international prize for an innovative and outstanding design. The Palma not only has a sleek, pure design, but also offers far greater functionality than any other umbrella. All you need to do to open or close it is to grip onto the arms. And you’ll never need to break a sweat to move it around: the revolutionary base revolves around the pole, making rolling the umbrella from one place to another simplicity itself. So you can follow the sun!