Which material will you choose for your outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture is not only functional but also a stylish addition to your outdoor space. When you are about to invest in high quality outdoor furniture, the question arises: should I opt for the warm allure of wood or the modern appearance of metal?

Let’s explore the advantages and considerations of both materials. This will enable you to make a well-informed choice that perfectly matches your personal style and practical requirements.

Wood: timeless beauty with character

At Royal Botania we work exclusively with Teak. This type of wood is still regarded as the best material for garden furniture. Teak has a high natural oil content. As a result, the wood does not absorb much moisture and remains stable throughout all seasons. In addition to these outstanding properties, the authentic appearance of Teak also lends your outdoor space an air of natural beauty.

A minor counterargument for wood is that it can dry out and displays minor cracking over time. For some, this is undesirable, others see these as characteristic features which make the furniture unique. Fortunately, you can delay these signs of aging with regular maintenance and special products.

In addition, the use of Teak also means that you are choosing a sustainable and ethical option. At Royal Botania we invest in plantations in Southeast Asia, where we plant and maintain our own forests in accordance with strict European regulations.

Metal: lightweight, durable and innovative

Do you prefer a more modern look? Then metal offers a wide range of possibilities. At Royal Botania we mainly use aluminium, a material that is known for being lightweight and durable. And with the intensive pre-treatment that our aluminium furniture undergoes, it is protected against the most extreme weather conditions. In this way, it retains its beautiful appearance for many years.


In addition to durability, aluminium also offers extensive design freedom. Our dedicated research team is constantly working on the creation of unique and complex designs. This is why you will find such exclusive pieces of furniture at Royal Botania that will transform your outdoor space into a true oasis of luxury and comfort.

In addition, other designs at Royal Botania are manufactured in coated steel or brushed stainless steel. Just think of Folia, Strappy, or Ninix.

Cushions: the ultimate comfort, cleverly designed

You deserve the very best comfort. That is why we design our cushions meticulously with a view to ultimate comfort and functionality. We take advantage of innovative Quick-Dryfoam: an open cell foam that ensures excellent seating comfort and quick drying.

How the cushions are structured is a real technical feat. The core foam of Quick-Dryfoam allows water to flow through easily, while an extra layer of non-woven material adds a soft feel when sitting on the cushion. As a result, the cushions can withstand rain well, dry extra quickly and are extremely comfortable.

Tabletops: ceramics as the undisputed choice

When you are faced with the choice of a tabletop for your outdoor space, ceramics are the top favourite. Ceramic tabletops offer unparalleled advantages for outdoor use. They are 100% scratch-proof, water-resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Whether you are enjoying a relaxed dinner in the evening sunshine or a refreshing cocktail served at a summer gathering, ceramic tabletops stay pristine and beautiful, season after season. With their sustainability and stylish appearance, they are the perfect choice for luxury outdoor furniture.

Exclusivity down to the last detail: Royal Botania

At Royal Botania we do more than just select the best materials. Our outdoor furniture goes through extensive processes for a perfect finish. The craftmanship ensures that there are no welding joints visible: furnishings become real works of art. And that quality is enduring. Our furniture undergoes intensive pre-processing to enhance its protective qualities. As a result, it remains resistant to all weathers and will last for a very long time.

At Royal Botania we believe that every piece of furniture should be thought out down to the last detail to provide maximum comfort and the longest lifespan. Whether you opt for the warm allure of wood or the modern elegance of metal, you can be confident that you are investing in exclusive outdoor furniture that perfectly matches your luxury lifestyle. Curious about our collections? Find out more about them here.