Step into your backyard and take a breath of crisp clean air. Inhale the scent of fragrant spring blossoms. Feel the warm sunshine on your skin. Listen to the peal of laughter as children run across fresh cut grass.

With Royal Collections, you can craft a space that has the power to improve your mood. Allow yourself to appreciate the beauty around you, to feel refreshed and rejuvenated by your surroundings.

The innovative and timeless ALURA line is one of the largest and best selling Royal Botania collections, thanks to a classic style that compliments almost any setting. Frames made of lightweight coated aluminium are available in shades of white, sand and anthracite, while the durable and weather resistant seats are offered in white, pearl grey and black. The simple colour choices help accentuate the clean lines and ergonomics of this appealing outdoor furniture. Natural sand and pearl grey provides muted, calming tones, while selecting the striking anthracites truly accents the beautiful design. Different textures of the same colour such as white fabric with white coated aluminium creates depth and a cool, calm atmosphere.

Adding to the fresh, clean look is LUNAR, a disc of translucent Arabescato Carrara marble. Transformed with LED lighting, this pearl white wall lamp softly glows a soft white, showcasing the natural beauty of the marble.

All of the ALURA collection is made to withstand the elements while providing comfort and gorgeous design to your backyard. With soft edges and easy to clean materials, families are drawn to this minimalist yet accessible design.

Stackable chairs, barstools, relaxing chairs with optional teak arm rests, footrests, and loungers are available. The lounger features a patented piece of engineering allowing a simple push to activate the hidden hydraulic pistons to lower and raise the seat and backrest effortlessly.

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